Schedule a Retreat of your OWN with Kate and Hollie

Get together with a group of 3 to 12 friends to attend a retreat of your very own, hosted by Kate and Hollie and designed for your individual needs.

Each day Kate and Hollie will lead group sessions in the morning and evening with the goal of deconditioning your spirit and connecting with your inner authority.

At your retreat Kate and Hollie will create a theme for group work sessions that fits with what you and your friends want to take away from the experience.

You will receive private sessions with Kate and Hollie in the afternoons.

There will also be plenty of uninterrupted leisure time for your brain and your body to rest.


Included in your purchase is a personalized Human Design Introduction Skill Assessment.  Walk away knowing which gifts have been encoded in your DNA and what energy you can consistently offer the world.  


Included in your purchase is one intuitive massage or energy work session individualized to meet your needs for relaxation, and pain and anxiety relief.

☆Letting go and Looking forward☆

Group and individual sessions designed to help you let go of what is stuck or holding onto you and allow your amazing body to heal itself. Set your intentions for your return home and receive guidance in aligning yourself for achieving your ideal life.

Price of personal retreats vary.

OPTION 1 – Kate at Hollie provide a location and food for breakfasts and lunches during the retreat along with the retreat activities, individual and group sessions. [$600 and UP /per attendee]

OPTION 2 – You provide the location and food, Kate and Hollie provide the retreat activities, individual and group sessions. [$300 and UP/per attendee]

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