“When trying to put into words the way that Kate makes her clients feel, this is what comes to mind… Kate is amazing!! Her presence is very comforting. she makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm cozy blanket of loving kindness. she is very attentive to her clients and friends needs, and is more than skilled enough to know exactly how to fix the problem at hand! I highly recommend a visit to see this incredible woman ASAP!” [review from Facebook, Samantha Lee Crowell]

Kate is currently my Doula, for the birth of my Rainbow baby. My son is by far the most active little one anyone has had to deal with. After preterm labor, and a bunch of tests. Kate offered me a massage and pain relief. When we first left the massage I felt like a whole new person, my pains were gone. Then came sleeping last night. When I say I’ve never slept so good being pregnant let alone 30 weeks. I would definitely recommend her, and blossoms blooming a million times!

“Kate’s compassionate touch puts you at ease immediately. I really enjoyed learning from her and partnering up at the Healing Arts Center. She’s helped me get out of pain more than once and has always been quick to listen and adjust to any concerns I had.” [review from Facebook, Kayleigh Rogers]

“I really enjoyed the reiki and aromatherapy. Kate did a great job making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I had some instant pain relief, that kept the pain away for the rest of the night.” [review from Facebook, Margret Englert]

“I was invited to an Open House and Kate did an essential oils application. I highly recommend this! I left feeling so relaxed and calm! It was so nice to take time away from all the busy-ness of life and focus on my inner well being. The whole experience was wonderful.” [review from Facebook, Kristel Dawn}

“I have been having back issues in and off for years and this week it went out. Kate was nice enough to do Reiki for my back. I was kid of tired the rest of the day but between the oils and reiki something helped. I woke up feeling better today. i can move easier and my back feels more relaxed.” [review from Facebook, Stephanie Pretz]

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