Kate ~ Holistic Health Practitioner

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kate and I am a Holistic Health Practitioner.

What does “Holistic Health Practitioner” mean? You ask. . . well, it is my simple way of saying that I am a:

  • licensed massage therapist
  • certified colon hydrotherapist
  • DONA trained birth doula
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Pranic Healing practitioner
  • wellness advocate
  • self-care guide
  • and more.

I have a million more things on my list of modalities and therapies that I want to learn and practice. I am add more tools to my belt all the time.

My business (and personal) mission statement is to provide nurturing therapeutic experiences through education, empowerment, and presence.

I am starting a blog and have started a vlog (on YouTube) to increase my presence. With each of the therapies that I practice, I can only reach one person at a time. . . but I have a message and knowledge that I want everyone to hear. So here I go!

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