I am committed.

I am committed.

I am committing myself to a 30 day challenge, because I am committed to spreading peace and well being to more people. Spreading peace and well being is nothing new for me, I have committed my whole life to helping people.

My first adventure in helping people was to earn a bachelor’s degree is social work. I spent a few years working in the field of social work, helping people.

I worked for a doctor’s office and then a hospital and worked towards a master’s degree in healthcare administration. When I took those jobs and started that degree program, I thought that I was helping people…helping people is a hard thing to do within the confines of a broken system. (That is a story for another day)

While I spent all these years, helping people, I was struggling in my own life.

I struggled in maintaining balance in my life.

I struggled financially.

I struggled with my health.

I struggled at my jobs.

I struggled as a mom.

I struggled to relax!!

I was doing my best, but I did not know what I did not know…and when I learned what it looks like to have proper self-care routines in one’s daily life looks like, I felt a ray of sunshine guide me out of the darkness.

Now, I work as a licensed massage therapist, certified colon hydrotherapist, birth and postpartum doula, reiki master, pranic healing practitioner, and self care guide. I am a holistic healer and help people every day.

When I became a therapist, and stated working with people everyday, I realized that I was not alone in my struggles. During my year in massage school, I learned how to practice true self-care.

Self-care. I had heard of self-care before, as I am sure that most people have. I thought that I was practicing self-care. I got massages every once in a while, I exercised when the mood struck me, I ate relatively healthy foods, and I took a little bit of time to do things that made me happy.

I learned that there is a little more to it that I was missing…I learned about the physiological response to stress and that effective self care effects the autonomic nervous system to bring the body back to a parasympathetic response. I learned that self care should be practiced EVERY DAY, not just with an occasional massage. Maybe the biggest lesson of all, and the one that brought the most peace to my journey, is that self care is different for all people. It is okay that the self care practices that work for other people do not always work for me.

Ever since I learned this seemingly simple lesson for myself, I have committed to sharing self care with others. I want to be the ray of sunshine that helps guide people out of the darkness of struggle and into a lifetime of happiness, health, and balance.

I have committed my life to help people. I currently work with people individually and in small groups, but I am ready to take my presence to a larger scale.

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