Ever since I can remember, I have loved to be barefoot. Especially to be barefoot walking around outside, in the grass and dirt.

Especially in the summer time, I have to keep a pair of shoes in the car…because I will leave the house without shoes on and realize half way to where I am going that I have no shoes to wear when I get there.

On occasion, I have borrowed shoes from a friend or my mother in law, so that I can get past the “no shirt, no shoes” sign.

I have always had family and friends who call me crazy. But those nay-sayers are totally missing out!

It turns out there is scientifically proven evidence to show that walking around outside in the grass and dirt helps your body heal and feel better. This thing is called grounding or earthling.


Connection with the Earth is good for our bodies.

• Decreased inflammation
• Improves circulation
• Gives a feeling of being centered, balanced, and grounded
• Helps the automatic nervous system switch to a parasympathetic nervous system response
• Relieves pain
• Improves sleep
• Improves mood

It is unfortunate that the way we live keeps us separated from the earth. We spend many of our hours indoors and when we do go outside we are wearing shoes, or walking on concrete.

Most of the time, we have to intentionally make an effort just to touch the Earth without any interference. When you can, I definitely recommend making that effort.

If you cannot get outside and touch the Earth, there are alternatives to helping your body get the same effect. Bring the outside in, so that you can be connected to a little piece of the Earth.

You can have plants inside, in your office or bedroom, or sitting room; so that you have contact with them regularly.

There are essential oils that help the body become more grounded. Generally essential oils that are made from the roots of plants or from trees that have deep roots; are good at helping the body feel more grounded and connected to the Earth.

There is a whole line of products that we can plug into a ground fault plug in your wall that help you achieve the effects of grounding without directly touching the ground. That’s right, we ground our homes to make them more safe!! So why not take advantage of that extra little hole in the electrical outlet to connect yourself to the ground. Grounding products include mats to sit on or put your feet on, wrist bands to wear while you sit at a desk, and bedsheets to keep you grounded while you sleep.

Use these alternatives as often as possible to keep you grounded all the time. Take advantage of nice weather when you can and take a walk in the grass or sit down or lay down and connect yourself to the Earth and just notice the changes in the way that you feel.

Share what you experience or what you have experienced in the past if you are familiar with grounding or Earthing.

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