Colon Hydrotherapy

What to expect during a colon hydrotherapy session, or a colonic.

A colonic, or colon hydrotherapy session, is a gently cleanse of the colon using water. There are two types of instruments used to administer the water for the colonic an open system or a closed system. At my practice, we use a closed system, so the majority of the information that I give will be related to the closed system.

At the holistic clinic where I practice, we also have a toilet in the colon hydrotherapy suites, along with a table similar to a massage table, and the colon hydrotherapy instrument.

Before your colonic begins, your colon hydrotherapist will review your intake for with you, asking questions about your medical history and your expectations and goals for your session to determine if colon hydrotherapy is a good fit for you. During your very first appointment, your colon hydrotherapist will also review some basic information about the digestive system, how colon hydrotherapy aids the digestive system, and how colon hydrotherapy sessions are administered. Before we leave the room for you to prepare, we make sure that you do not have any questions or concerns.

When we step out of the room, you will undress from the waist down, use the toilet in the room to empty your bladder (and go number 2 if you have a need), they you lay on your back on the table under a sheet.

When I come back into the room to begin your colonic the very first thing that I do, is start coaching you through healthy full breathing to help your body relax, while I prepare the one time use disposable tubing, and instrument for the colonic.

After all the tubing is connected and prepared, you will be asked to roll over to your side facing the wall. The speculum is gently placed in the rectum while you take good full breaths; that part is over before you know it and I promise, not as scary as you think it will be. (Before I had my first colonic…that is the part that I was scared about). After the speculum is inserted, you roll back over onto your back.

The speculum that is inserted and rests in your rectum is connected to the colon hydrotherapy instrument with 2 tubes, one tube brings water from the instrument and the other carries waste and water from the speculum back to the instrument and down the drain.

The water that is coming from the instrument and introduced into your colon through the speculum is triple filtered water. The temperature and pressure of the water is controlled by the colon hydrotherapist using dials on the instrument. The pressure is kept very gentle, this is NOT a power wash.

During the colonic, you will experience a series of fills and releases. A fill is when the water is going into your colon and a release is when the water and waste exits your colon through the tubing. There is a view tube in the instrument so that you can see what is coming out.

As a colon hydrotherapist, I also massage the abdomen during the colonic. This helps increase the results of the releases.

At the end of your colon hydrotherapy session, the speculum is removed. Your colon hydrotherapist leaves the room. You have time to sit on the toilet with the squatty potty to continue releasing.

Nothing that happens during a colonic or colon hydrotherapy session is painful. The insertion is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but is not painful. You might experience some cramping and the feeling of movement through your colon, and you feel pressure like you have to go as the water and waste make their way through your rectum.

I practice at Holistic Fitness in Shrewsbury, MO. You can schedule online on their website.

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