My Dreams

I have written a few posts about the things that I want to share with people. I want to teach people to implement healthy self care practices in their daily lives. Now, I want to take a minute to tell you about my grand dreams for the future. Someday, I will welcome you to a holistic, mind, body, spirit, spa retreat. A place to heal and align themselves and learn.

I will help people achieve their health and wellness goals on a beautiful piece of land, close to St. Louis, Mo because that is where my family is.

My mission now, and will remain, is to provide nurturing therapeutic experience through education, empowerment, and presence.

There will be trees and water and grass to lay in a watch the stars or feel the warmth of the sun for an afternoon nap or picnic.

We will have a big house with a kitchen that always smells like delicious healthy food and a long dining table where my family will gather with all of our guests to talk and share experiences.

Comfortable and relaxing community spaces, inside and out, where people can spend time alone or with a group.

There will be treatment rooms for body work, energy work, colonics, a sauna, salt baths, acupuncture, and more. Larger rooms for yoga and other group classes.

For those who want to stay for a night or week or more, there will be a bunch of those cute little tiny houses that have everything you need.

Whether your goals are just to take a break from your day to day stresses and reconnect with nature, learn how to incorporate healthy self care routines when you go home, or you want to learn Reiki so that you can take home a skill to help yourself, family, and friends achieve balance and healing; this will be the place to achieve those goals.

The possibilites are endless….I know an amazing community of holistic health practitioners, who I will invite to join me for a week or a month or on a more regular basis to provide my guests with a variety of therapies and classes and more.

My wife is a veterinary technician; so in addition to helping people, we plan to have animal rescue kennels and a barn. If you want to bring your pet or board your pet in the kennels they will be welcome. If you just want some puppy snuggles and kisses while you are reconnecting with nature those will be provided as an added bonus to your experience.

Expanding my business now, means getting closer to my goals and dreams.

I will have a space where people can come to heal themselves. Where people can come to transition. Where people can come to get back to nature and feel more grounded, centered, and balanced in their lives. I hope that you will join me there.

Follow my blog, my YouTube, my Facebook, Instagram, however you want to follow me, I appreciate your support in my journey to change the way that people view the importance of their self care, their health and well being, body, mind, and soul.

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